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Paola Martinez


Brief info

Paola is an environmental engineer with a strong data analysis background and a master’s degree in environmental risk assessment. She was born in Colombia where, after completing her studies, she worked as an environmental consultant specialising in valuation and risk assessment projects within the oil, mining, and energy sectors. Paola has lived and worked in Sydney since 2015. Before joining Ndevr, she worked as a researcher and tutor at The University of Sydney and as a data analyst for a social policy consultancy firm. Her university research topics included studying energy output variability of scaled wind turbine farms and investigating energy dissipation in hydraulic jumps. As part of her role as Consultant in Ndevr’s environmental team, she has worked on energy efficiency audits under the NSW and Victoria schemes, Energy Management projects and NGERs reporting, and carbon-neutral certification under the Climate Active Program.

Phone: 02 9904 5423
Address: Sydney

What drives you? I’m passionate about the concept of sustainable development, where social, economic and natural spheres intertwine. I’m driven by the challenge of helping companies and communities to become more sustainable and delivering the highest quality of work that I can as a professional.

What projects do you work on that you love or are most passionate about and why? I love doing data analysis for GHG emissions profiles and energy assessments (climate active, NGERs, Net Zero strategies). It gives me satisfaction to help our clients to fully understand their emissions/energy profiles, help them to streamline their processes and prioritise their reduction actions.

Career highlight/game changing project/something that made a big impact: During my first year at Uni the Kyoto protocol entered into force. It was the first time I ever heard about our role as humans in accelerating climate change and the potential effects of it on the whole planet. I majored in environmental engineering fully conscious of wanting to be part of the solution.

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