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Michi Morris


Brief info

Michi heads up Ndevr Environmental’s Climate Change and Strategy team and has post-graduate qualifications in both Political Communications; and the Environment and Climate Change. As a climate change and sustainability expert, she has a wide range of experience across many climate exposed sectors and a broad skill set in climate change policy and risk; carbon; waste, and resource management; sustainability reporting and management consulting. She specialises in facilitating the development and communication of climate change and sustainability strategies for large listed and government entities.

Phone: 03 7035 1740
Address: Melbourne

What drives you? As a fresh graduate during the GFC, I was looking to be involved in solving the world ‘s challenges in the political system. It quickly transpired that out of all the issues out there, climate change is one of the most complex and interconnected ones. This intellectual challenge drives me, and no day at work is like another. Since I had my daughters, this is also personal. I am determined spare them the environmental and economic scenarios we expect to see under unmitigated climate change.

What projects do you work on that you love or are most passionate about and why? I started my career overseas in the UNDP network and policy and I understand climate change to be a global, systemic challenge. My favourite projects therefore integrate climate action and risk management into broader corporate strategy whilst also aligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement. I love developing net-zero pathways, emission reduction targets in line with climate science, and action plans how to get there.

Career highlight/game changing project/something that made a big impact: It motivates my every time our clients make decision based on our advice. There is nothing better than providing analysis that enables more informed strategies and we are lucky to work with some very progressive companies in Australia. In my previously role I had the opportunity to launch a report on Green Economy in the Middle East with the then Secretary of the UNDP, Helen Clarke. We held an event at the UN headquarters in New York, which was an absolute highlight for me.

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