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Dianne Biewer

Technical Specialist

Brief info

Dianne is a career specialist with over twenty years experience in the Oil Industry in greenhouse gas and environmental reporting to meet internal and external reporting obligations, targets and ambitions across Australia and New Zealand. As part of the team, Dianne will focus on management, data analysis and compliance with legislative (NGER and NPI) reporting obligations as well as other internal/voluntary reporting undertaken by Clients.

Phone: 03 7035 1740
Address: Melbourne

What drives you? I am driven by simplification, continuous improvement and collaboration to make sense of sometimes complex sets of data.  My adage is good decisions can only be made on sound data.

What projects do you work on that you love or are most passionate about and why? I love to help make a positive environmental impact through using data to understand where we are at, what we need to improve and tracking the improvement.

Career highlight/game changing project/something that made a big impact: It’s a quirky one, but growing radishes in soils spiked with explosives to analyse radishes, update and then use the results to develop an acceptance criteria in soils for residential use.

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