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David Del Valle Soto


Brief info

David is a qualified lawyer with over five years’ experience in administrative and human rights law and a keen interest in creating a social impact that improves people’s lives. With Ndevr Environmental David has extensive experience in supporting the team conducting audits under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) for commercial, public street and home energy efficiency lighting retrofits; advisory work under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme; ERF audits registered under the agricultural and Savanna burning methods; assisting with environmental legal research in conjunction with analysis and interpretation to provide a legal advice to clients and stakeholders; and significant litigation experience in the human rights and administrative law space, including litigation on behalf of victims of wrongful imprisonment, and parties suffering injuries due to natural disasters and failure to provide medical care.

Phone: 02 9904 5423
Address: Sydney

What drives you? I am very passionate about the social, economic, and environmental impact of our current actions for both the short and long-term future. At Ndevr Environmental I truly believe we are contributing to making a significant difference to the world.

What projects do you work on that you love or are most passionate about and why? I’ve had the chance to work with energy and emissions reductions projects. Through them I can really realise that not only the Ndevr Environmental team, but also our clients, are aware of the problems we are facing around the world and how committed they are in trying to make a difference for the environment.

Career highlight/game changing project/something that made a big impact: Working for Ndevr. I believe that Ndevr Environmental through its team, services and clients, is contributing to promote awareness and influencing action towards solutions for the multiple problems that we face regarding the environment.

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