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Brian Kraft

Principal Consultant - Human Rights

Brief info

Brian is an experienced management consultant and sustainability advisor for decision makers within many of the world’s largest organisations. He speaks Indonesian, is a two-time recipient of the U.S. Fulbright scholarship and has a master’s degree in International Relations. For the past three years, Brian has specialised in human rights and corporate sustainability within the Australian context. Brian leads Ndevr Human Rights as Principal Consultant and guides Clients to measure and mitigate supply chain risk, set ESG strategies, and implement counter-slavery strategies in line with the Australian Modern Slavery Act. Brian’s overarching goal for Ndevr Human Rights is to best support organisations to align purpose with profit while improving lives of stakeholders within their value chains.

Phone: 03 7035 1740
Address: Melbourne

What drives you? I took a circuitous path across several careers in three continents to arrive at the glaringly obvious realisation that sustainability must be central to business and government. Otherwise, all the other ways organisations collectively spend time and energy is short sighted. And by sustainability, I mean both human and environmental sustainability, both people and planet. The planet’s environment is changing because of humans, and humans are increasingly suffering from the planet’s changes. An integrated issue like this requires integrated solutions, which is why I am thrilled to be teaming up with my colleagues at Ndevr Environmental and Ndevr Human Rights, to build holistic sustainability solutions for our clients.

What projects do you work on that you love or are most passionate about and why? My favourite projects are also the most impactful ones, where the client is integrating human rights into their overarching business strategy. For example, measuring a baseline and setting long-term human rights targets as part of an integrated ESG strategy backed by the board.

Career highlight/game changing project/something that made a big impact: My start in the sustainability sector was with a coalition of academics, global foundations, and NGOs working to catalyse sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia. My work was part of a broad-based campaign that resulted in Indonesia’s first sustainable financing regulation in 2017 which included fisheries. This was the first time I felt I had contributed, even in a very small way, to something globally meaningful – seven years later and that is now my primary priority.

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