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Auditing & Reporting

Energy and Renewables

Reimagining our energy sector is the key to addressing the carbon emission reductions needed to transition to a net zero future. As renewable energy technology has a much lower environmental impact than traditional energy, it is vital on the journey to combat climate change, and the rapid rise in renewable energy sources means clean energy is now an accessible and low-cost option for organisations to reduce their operational emissions.

We assist clients in managing this transition through services such as energy audits, improvements in energy management systems, government policy and strategy, and energy procurement and identification of efficiencies.

Real World Impact

Project Experience

Case studies and project overviews, sharing the real-world impact our clients are making in the transition to a more sustainable future.



Biomass Fuel Switch Project | $2.5M Grant | Saleable Carbon Credits

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Our Team

Our team have a many years of combined expertise in energy and renewables and our experts are highly accredited and experienced in the range of services we offer, including energy auditing, improvements in energy management systems, government policy and strategy, and energy procurement and efficiencies. Heading up the team is Principal Louise Walsh and Technical Lead Tori Lamb supported by the wider team.

Louise Walsh - Ndevr Environmental - web

Louise Walsh

Principal Consultant
Tori Lamb - Ndevr Environmental - web

Tori Lamb

Technical Lead

Energy Audits and Business Case Development

Energy audits are beneficial for understanding productivity, identifying areas of wastage and reducing operating costs. Our team of engineers are highly trained and experienced across key sectors, using the latest AS/NZS 3598:2004 Energy Audit Standards to guide delivery. Our services are tailor made, and where required underpinned by permanent and non-permanent energy monitoring solutions for the larger, more complex users. We have been selected on numerous State Government panels to undertake energy audits and deliver training in energy management and business case development. Our Director Hannah Meade is a Board Member for the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP), the country’s leading industry association for professionals and businesses striving for energy productivity.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an accessible and low-cost option for businesses to reduce their operational emissions. We support organisations in their transition to renewable energy through setting renewable energy targets, understanding renewable energy options, navigating renewable energy procurement including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and with ongoing monitoring and reporting of renewable energy. For businesses looking to take the next step, we also support navigating the RE100 requirements to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale.

Energy Efficiency

Leveraging the synergy between renewables and energy efficiency can significantly reduce energy-related carbon emissions. Our team has experience in identifying energy efficiency opportunities, quantifying the benefits and co-benefits, and supporting clients take advantage of state and federal schemes and grants to support the implementation of the opportunities. Reducing energy can also help improve the business case for renewable energy goals, helping turn ideas into opportunities, while reducing operating costs.

Energy Procurement

Understanding energy procurement options and demand-side opportunities are key to a robust energy management strategy. We support businesses with the procurement of renewable energy via long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) offtake agreements, or via energy retailers. We provide advice on procurement options, development of Requests for Tenders (RFTs) and detailed analysis of load requirements and optimal solutions.

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems (EnMS) enable businesses to carry out optimal energy management. We assist clients to improve their EnMS by implementing an overarching and integrated approach tailored to their specific business needs focused on efficiencies, innovation and building capacity. Our consultants utilise the latest standards and are implementing and improving EnMS for some of our largest energy consumers.

Government Policy, Energy & Renewables

Our team brings a broad level of policy experience in carbon, energy and sustainable development. We have assisted a number of high-profile State and Federal level policy investigations and contributed to consultations for the World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Future Councils and the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma. We have extensive experience with local councils in their transition to carbon neutrality and net zero pathways through emissions identification and reduction schemes. This includes projects such as the Charging the Regions Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study. Our team of experts supports all levels of government in the establishment of policies, strategies, and roadmaps that are built with sufficient rigour of analysis to ensure effectiveness of implementation, utilising a collaborative, flexible and transparent approach.


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