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Climate Active Certified Event - Carbon Neutral marketing launch of the UX 300e

Lexus Australia achieve carbon neutrality for the marketing launch of the all-new fully electric UX 300e

Lexus Australia is a division of Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Lexus vehicles are sold in 70 countries around the world.

Lexus Australia set out to achieve carbon neutrality for its marketing launch of the all-new fully electric UX 300e. The certification covers all relevant activities classified under a large ‘portfolio of events’.

Lexus engaged Ndevr Environmental to provide the specialist services required to make the launch campaign carbon neutral under the Government’s Climate Active Event Standard. A key element of the project was to adapt the rigorous Climate Active standard to match the diverse activities of the launch campaign and create a customised carbon account. This involved a heightened level of complexity due to the varied nature of the components involved which included:

  • Office based work (Lexus team and various agencies)
  • Melbourne Cup Carnival activities (including Melbourne Cup Tour)
  • Dealer Meetings
  • PR Events, Media Executions and Press fleet
  • Customer Event and Shopping Centre Activations
  • Asset production (TV and Stills)

Each of these categories includes an array of different activities and emissions sources.

Ndevr Environmental worked closely with Lexus to source the varied data required to validate the baseline, create carbon inventories to develop an emissions profile and identify reductions. Ndevr Environmental also assisted with sourcing and surrendering carbon offsets and driving a new and complex accreditation process.

The result has seen Lexus voluntarily measure, reduce, and offset residual greenhouse gas emissions from the 2021 launch campaign of the UX 300e to make associated activities carbon neutral.

The campaign has been certified a carbon neutral event under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program, demonstrating the robustness and integrity of the carbon neutral claim. No aspect of the launch and events have been certified carbon neutral before, making Lexus Australia the first to achieve this milestone, in hopes it will inspire and encourage others to follow.

Learn More about the Lexus Australia Climate Active Certification.

“Ndevr Environmental have been an incredible partner to collaborate with and have been immensely supportive in helping us achieving this significant milestone in our road to carbon neutrality. We are so proud to have achieved a carbon neutral marketing campaign launch for our first all-electric model, the Lexus UX 300e, and we hope that our efforts in reducing carbon footprint in the marketing and operational activities will inspire many others to follow suit and therefore making a further positive environmental impact." 


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