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Charging the Regions Electric Vehicle Network Study

Developing Victoria's state-wide network of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging infrastructure

The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) is a network of 13 local governments working together across Central and Northern Victoria. The CVGA engaged Ndevr Environmental to undertake the Charging the Regions project, a comprehensive feasibility study to provide strategic plan to best facilitate a co-ordinated and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network across Victoria. 

The project involved a vast and complex range of stakeholders including 55 councils, 5 greenhouse alliances, the Victorian Government and the Electric Vehicle Council; plus EV charging hardware manufacturers, power companies, installers and software providers. Ndevr Environmental managed and delivered the project on behalf of CVGA and participating councils in five components:

  1. EV Charging Maps and Decision Tree Model to facilitate optimal site location. Created maps with current and planned charging infrastructure across Victoria to investigate gaps in connectivity. A bespoke decision tree tool was developed to identify suitable site locations, that synthesised information to identify best potential placement of charging infrastructure and the characteristics of the site.
  2. Learnings from other Council’s Charging Infrastructure Implementations. Developed case studies with key take away learnings for selecting coverage, sites, infrastructure and an ownership and payment method.
  3. Investment and implementation options. Investigated costs, considered ownership models and economic development, in addition to an overview of benefits.
  4. Consultation and Communication materials. Developed communication resources to promote the EV network to end users.
  5. Outcomes Report

The study was invaluable in demonstrating opportunities for alignment between councils to ensure the best strategic outcome for communities, councils, businesses, present and future EV users. As a result, a number of councils across Victoria have or are currently installing EV charging points for their fleets and in their communities, with 20-24 chargers being built across 22 different sites. The Victorian government has also assigned $5M in grants for the implementation of the recommendations put forward with the Destination Charging Across Victoria Program.

This growing network will encourage tourism in regional Victoria, and also future proof the region for the transition to EVs and create jobs.

Further reading: Charging the Regions Outcomes Report

"Ndevr did a fantastic job of not only managing a huge collaboration of stakeholders, but also working with the differing needs of each partner to build the capacity of the group. Their excellent work enabled our organisation to enter into a successful roll out of EV charging across regional Victoria, now underway across 22 different sites." 

Rob Law, Executive Officer, Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance Tweet


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