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Carbon Neutral
| Net Zero

To meet the 1.5°C global warming target outlined in the Paris Agreement, ambitious efforts need to be made to reduce global carbon emissions to net zero before 2050. Organisations both large and small play a critical role in this transition to a decarbonised future. A commitment to carbon neutrality or net zero emissions, demonstrates tangible action to decarbonise and displays leadership in the shift to a low carbon economy.

We are one of the leading consultancies in supporting business and governments in responding to climate change. We assist organisations wherever they are on their carbon neutral or net zero journey, from guidance on setting and measuring ambitious reduction targets, to Climate Active Certification or setting Science-based Targets and net zero trajectory and modelling.


Project Experience

Case studies and project overviews, sharing the real-world impact our clients are making in the transition to a more sustainable future.



The Path To Carbon Neutrality And 100% Renewable Energy

Carbon NeutralityClimate Active Certification

More and more businesses are choosing to go carbon neutral. Going carbon neutral in accordance with a carbon neutral standard such as Climate Active, means a business can credibly claim carbon neutrality.

Climate Active is the the leading carbon neutral certification program in Australia. It consists of a suite of standards and a certification framework for business, products and/or activities. Climate Active is administered by Australia’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and underpinned by a rigorous and transparent protocol, adding to the certifications credibility and impact. The Climate Active carbon neutral certification is one of the most rigorous carbon neutral certifications in the world.

Going Carbon Neutral With Climate Active

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Our Team

Our team work each and every day with clients to mitigate and reduce the impacts of climate change. They hail from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, law, science and finance; and offer a unique blend of policy, strategy, assurance and technical consulting services. Heading up the team is Director Michi Morris, and Senior Consultant Daniel Raftopoulos, supported by the wider team, including one of the largest teams of registered Climate Active Consultants in Australia.

Dan Raftopoulos - Ndevr Environmental - web

Daniel Raftopoulos

Senior Consultant

Climate Active Certification

The leading carbon neutral certification program in Australia is the Federal Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Program. We have one of the largest teams of registered Climate Active consultants in Australia supporting carbon neutrality under Climate Active. We support clients in all aspects of carbon neutrality and the Climate Active process including:

  • Creating a carbon account in line with the applicable Standard
  • Designing the emissions reduction strategy
  • Conducting the mandatory technical assessment
  • Managing the external data verification audit
  • Facilitating the purchase and retirement of carbon offsets with a reputable broker
  • Managing the administration and reporting with the Climate Active team
  • Climate Active technical guidance

We also undertake technical assessments and third-party verification and assurance of Climate Active applications.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsetting is a way to reduce or offset business emissions that cannot be avoided through other emissions reduction means. We support our clients to achieve carbon neutrality through the procurement of certified national and international carbon offsets. Our team guides clients to align their offset strategy with their corporate sustainability objectives and priorities, to achieve both environmental and social outcomes. We work exclusively with Australia’s leading carbon offset provider, Tasman Environmental Markets, which has the required licences, track record and due diligence processes to operate effectively in this space.

Science-Based Targets - Net Zero Pathways

A commitment to carbon neutrality or net zero emissions demonstrates tangible action to reduce emissions and leadership in the shift to a low carbon economy. We are one of the leading consultancies in supporting organisations and government entities in responding to climate change. We assist organisations in all stages of their carbon neutral or net zero journey, from guidance on setting and measuring ambitious reduction targets, or setting and certifying Science-based targets (SBTs), to net zero trajectory and modelling, and Climate Active certification.

Net Zero Trajectory and Modelling

Modelling emissions trajectories to meet net zero targets enables businesses to implement the appropriate strategy and initiatives to reach these targets. We support clients in modelling their emissions under a business-as-usual scenario, compared to various policy scenarios. We can benchmark this data against peers and State and Federal targets, to provide a comprehensive understanding of their ambitions and current initiatives. We supplement this with modelling of carbon offsets that may be necessary to supplement planned emissions reduction initiatives; and provide recommendations on meeting targets.

Carbon Accounting

Calculating and reporting on their carbon footprint underpins all climate action and allows organisations to understand, manage and reduce their impact. Our team is collectively one of the most experienced in the market, providing fit-for-purpose carbon accounting services for organisations both large and small. We love the phrase, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’, and our specialists are adept at calculating carbon footprints and emissions from the most complex to the most straightforward sources, across all sectors and under key frameworks, including the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme (NGERs), Climate Active and the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


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